Toad's Food Journal

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Toad's Food Journal

Postby toad » Wed Jun 30, 2021 12:02 pm

Background about me:
I like how the Mc Dougall diet can be done cheaply. I Live on small Fixed income, basically need to live cheaply off staples. Love to follow a "fancier" diet like "how not to diet" or "eat to live" but really can't afford organic fresh produce all the time. I have avoided doing this lifestyle, because it seems bland, but I can't afford fancy vegan products, or much, so giving it a try.

Another reason, I'm trying Mc Dougall diet, is I am obese, things are popping up at my middle age, been obese 25 years, now I have health issues showing up, like a bone spur, sciatic nerve pain, I know my heavy weight makes these things worse, so need to lose weight for health reasons, vanity aside.

I'm posting here in this forum because I am hoping it will hold me accountable and could use some support, comments or any advice.

I shop in the produce section at the 99 cent store and sometimes go to Wal-Mart, other grocery stores in my area are like twice as much for some reason.

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Re: Toad's Food Journal

Postby deweyswakms » Thu Jul 01, 2021 8:49 am

Welcome to the McDougall way of eating! it is sane, safe and healthy. Just STARTING is excellent.

You might want to join the MWL group for July; it's an excellent way to commit to the guidelines on how to work this program. And do expect some ups and downs as you learn how to settle into this way of eating. Do you have a good cookbook? I really like the McDougall Quick & Easy cookbook because Q&E is key to my success; you might find it at your library. I batch cook 2 or 3 things, and freeze individual portions too.

I hear you on the cost of quality food. Prices going up. Potatoes, rice, beans, lentils, oatmeal are still cheap though; I shop at my chain's bulk food section for them. I do buy bags of salad mixes because I'm too lazy to prep/fix big salads.
And my GI tract needs fruit (prior surgery), so I do splurge on those. In the winter I get bags of frozen fruits too.

Good luck for choosing YOUR health. You can do it.

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Re: Toad's Food Journal

Postby toad » Sun Dec 12, 2021 7:38 pm

Day 1

Trying to beat my 3 day streak, and make it at least a week without going off to store and getting junk foods.

When I get stressed, I drive to get junk foods. My temporary roommate doesn't have much food around, she is leaving end of month, then the house is all mine. Makes it easier to control the foods I see around me.

I had 3 bananas throughout day, big bowl of potatoes, broccoli and unsweetened soymilk, soy sauce, I used a little to make potatoes creamy. The only thing off diet, was morning coffee with coffee matte creamer, which I poured down sink, so i can't have it again.

Now is my rough time, 6-10pm, when I have a habit of driving down the street to the gas station to get snacks. I tend to do that when I get stressed, and care less about what I eat.
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Re: Toad's Food Journal

Postby bunsofaluminum » Mon Dec 13, 2021 7:26 am

Hey Toad,

You can do this! When I started, I found several cookbooks at the library of vegan/vegetarian cuisines. Most notably, Indian food. That stuff is NOT bland. There's plenty of Mexican recipes as well that are compatible, and it's pretty easy to McDougallize any recipe. Just omit the oils and animal products.

There are some absolutely wonderful recipes here on this site, but I also recommend the Engine 2 cookbook. Rip Esselstyne is a firefighter who noticed that the vast majority of their calls weren't for fires, they were for strokes, heart attacks, and other calamities brought on by lifestyle choices. He created a cookbook that is kind of transitional. There are ZERO added fats, but he does have some nut based sauces, etc that might possibly make it easier to move from the SAD that you're trapped in, to the healthy foods we enjoy in the whole foods, plant based world. That cookbook is in the library, too.

In the Starch Solution, I found Thai Curried Rice to be my favorite recipe. Also love Mushroom Barley Soup. Easy to make big batches, VERY flavorful and luscious, satisfying. If you make a big batch of a recipe that you love to eat, then when that urge strikes to drive down to the C-store for junk, you can just heat up a serving of it. Or, if you don't have anything made, a bowl of oatmeal is a yummy evening snack. With frozen berries? Oh yah!

Stick around. You're right about lifelong obesity taking its toll on the old joints as you age. I am testimony to that fact, because that is my story too and I'm coming BACK after straying :\ Make this forum your go-to and keep writing here. Follow the plan. Seriously, it doesn't get better if you stay fat AFTER middle age ;)

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Re: Toad's Food Journal

Postby toad » Fri May 20, 2022 1:55 pm

Ugh...back again. Need a place to keep accountable..My work load was intense and I went off eating junk. But now have less stress and can focus.
Day 1 (again)

Today having 2 apples
boiled potatoes, broccoli and onions with a veggie broth and spices.

I'm still stuck around 255 lb.

But it's not so much about looking thin as I need to focus more on health at this point in life.

Going to sign up at gym today and see if I can do my first workout.
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Re: Toad's Food Journal

Postby Ejeff » Sat May 21, 2022 8:36 am

One of the recommendations when you get the urge to eat junk food in the evening either due to stress or boredom is to have a short list of allowable snacks you enjoy. Oatmeal with fruit or baked fries as an example. Perhaps if you had a rule that you cannot leave the house to grab junk food it would be easier.

You can do this, just ALWAYS have some oats or potatoes or your favourite starches ready in the fridge. :)


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